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Swency quizzes that measure comprehension in listening, reading and writing.
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You can save time as a teacher and money as a school principal with Swency.

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Welcome to the world of Swency, where ready-to-use quizzes are available to everyone and new ones can be created in minutes.

Do you want to know how to create quizzes in minutes? Swency quizzes that measure comprehension in listening, reading and writing.

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Customer References

… A great feature is that it is fully multimedia in that you can import images, videos, PDF’s and even upload audio files…. Another feature which makes it standout from most modern genre quizzes is that it allows short answer questions. …Swency actually marks the answers as well…
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New quizmaker software: Swency

Alan Pollock

Educational technologist, Perth, Australia

“…Your Swency looks very promising and could really hit the market in a completely different perspective…”


teacher, USA

“…I’m a teacher from Germany. A collegue of mine showed me your app. It’s brilliant!…”


teacher, Germany

“…Swency is a solution to fill in a missing part in modern education…”


economist, Hungary

“…This app is great!…”


student, Sweden

Language independent

You can create quizzes in any language, adding teacher´s instructions, too.

Mobile, tablet, PC

Both the teacher- and the student-sites of Swency can be used from any these tools.

Help your peer teachers

Why not share the quizzes you´ve done with your peers and save time?

Study Swedish

Our quizzes are tested at SFI and in primary schools in Sweden.


Individual practice

Contact us to give you access to the Swency.

Practice Swedish at home

We equip you with practice texts, quizzes and videos sufficient for a year.

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