Lesson Four


The Swedish mulled wine is called glögg.

The mulled wine is a spicy hot drink made of wine, mainly drunk in winter time. It is made both of white and red wine. It is seasoned with sugar, honey and exotic spices.

At fairs and markets or other events, for making big amount of wine, essences are used.

It is originated from the old days when wine could easily go sour, so it could be used again by scalding it up, and adding spices and honey.

Source: Wikipedia

Let’s see what phrases we will learn this week:

Vad talar du för språk?

What language(s) do you speak?

Jag talar ungerska.

I speak Hungarian. (svenska / engelska / tyska – Swedish / English / German)

Hur stavar du ditt namn?

Hur stavar du ditt namn? / How do you spell your name? (See how good that you have learnt the alphabet )

Jag bor på Solgatan 145 i Malmö.

I live at Solgatan (Sun street) 145, in Malmö. (Pay attention to the order of street name, number and then town.)

Hur länge har du varit i Sverige?

How long have you been to Sweden?

MÅNDAG – Monday
TISDAG – Tuesday
ONSDAG – Wednesday
TORSDAG – Thursday
FREDAG – Friday
LÖRDAG – Saturday
SÖNDAG – Sunday





VÅR – spring
SOMMAR – summer
HÖST – autumn
VINTER – winter

Nej, jag har inga barn.

No, I do not have children.

Ja, jag har 2 barn.

Yes, I have two children.

Vad heter dina söner?

What’s your sons’ names?

Mina söner heter Jan och Martin.

My sons names are Jan and Martin.

Vad heter din dotter?

What’s your daughter’s name?

Min dotter heter Nora.

My daughter’s name is Nora.

Vad heter dina döttrar?

What’s your daughters’ names?

Mina döttrar heter Eva och Johanna.

My daughters names are Eva and Johanna.

You find the workbooks on the following site: https://student.swency.com/

Please, use Google Chrome browser! Thank you!

On the top, at the right-hand corner, change the language to Swedish – just to practise the language.

Ange koden  = insert the code,

och ditt namn = and your name then click on the “Ladda uppgifter” button (Worksheet Loading) and now you have already started practising.

You can copy the codes quickly, if you click in the number itself. Then you can paste it into the code field of the practice site.

Here  come the code to each worksheet. Please, work through them in the order as they are listed below.

First set of exercises
  1. Kod: 50281367 Lesson four / Quiz 1/A
  2. Kod: 55849377 Lesson four / Quiz 1/B
  3. Kod: 56862113 Lesson four / Test 1/A
  4. Kod: 28238460 Lesson four / Test 1/B
  5. Kod: 47930978 Lesson four from English to Swedish 1.
Second set of exercises
  1. Kod: 28836427 Lesson four / Quiz 2/A
  2. Kod: 25378823 Lesson four / Quiz 2/B
  3. Kod: 45928171 Lesson four / Test 2/A
  4. Kod: 47811099 Lesson four / Test 2/B
  5. Kod: 48218646 Lesson four from English to Swedish 2.
Third set of exercises
  1. Kod: 65421583 Lesson four / Quiz 3/A
  2. Kod: 58923197 Lesson four / Quiz 3/B
  3. Kod: 55960477 Lesson four / Test 3/A
  4. Kod: 70283685 Lesson four / Test 3/B
  5. Kod: 64914832 Lesson four from English to Swedish 3.


Have you finished? Congratulations! Well done!

You have done a lot this week for improving your Swedish!

Listen to some Swedish music:

Jag trodde änglarna fanns – Kamferdrops