First lession

Practice 10 minutes each day and reach your goal!


In our first lesson, you will learn the Swedish alphabet.

Alfabetet – Alphabet
A a /ɑː/
B b /beː/
C c /seː/
D d /deː/
E e /eː/
F f /ɛf/
G g /geː/
H h /hoː/
I i /iː/
J j /jiː/
K k /koː/
L l /ɛl/
M m /ɛm/
N n /ɛn/
O o /uː/
P p /peː/
Q q /kʉː/
R r /ær/
S s /ɛs/
T t /teː/
U u /ʉː/
V v /veː/
W w /’dɵbəl veː/
X x /ɛks/
Y y /yː/
Z z /’sɛːta/
Å å /oː/
Ä ä /æː/
Ö ö /øː/ 

Let me share with you my favorite practice Youtube videos. They are much worth listening to:


Do you think you have learnt the Swedish ABC? Prove me what you know! You can work on here:  Please use Google Chrome browser! Thank You! On the top, at the right hand corner, change language to Swedish-just to practice the language:).

  1. Ange koden  = add the code, och ditt namn = and your name, then click on the “Ladda uppgifter” button (Worksheet Loading) and now you have already started practicing!

You can see the worksheets here with their codes, as well as the first few words you will listen to, in order to practice alphabet:
hjärta – heart, morot – carrot, citron – lemon, igelkott – hedgehog, björn – bear, orm – snake, ananas – pineapple, elefant – elephant, fisk – fish, groda – frog, lampa – lamp, tårta -cake, zebra – zebra, dator – computer, jordgubbe – strawberry, näsa – nose, ryggsäck – backpack, klocka – clock, äpple – apple, varg – wolf, paraply – umbrella, åsna – donkey, ugn – oven, svamp – mushroom, xylofon – xylophone, yxa – axe, glas – glass, fåtölj – armchair, lök – onion, nål – needle, ö – island, bröd – bread

  1. Kod: 54600657 First lesson 1.
  2. Kod: 49421985 First lesson 2.
  3. Kod: 67496938 First lesson 3.
  4. Kod: 63791891  First lesson 4.

“Grace another nation with speaking in its native language.”

Dániel Gyurta