Swency solutions for language teachers

What kind of workbook should you create for homework or practice if you are teaching new expressions and words?

Prepare quizzes with audio files!

Students can use the interface of the program in 3 languages.
Student site can be reached here: https://student.swency.com/.
We kindly ask  you to use Google Chrome browser!
Optimized version of Swency for iPad is also available.

Each workbook is identified with an 8-digit-code
in the teachers siteThe teacher gives this code to the students.

You can add directions and instructions for the students
before each workbook.

It is possible to upload audio
files to each expressions.

We can set 2, 3 or 4 possible answers.

Final result in percentage. In the middle of the screen, below, click on the arrow to see the detailed results.

Students can see their mistakes corrected right away and they can listen to the audio files again in order to practice them.

On the teachers site, each workbook has a result screen where all the students’ results can be seen in details.
Red means mistake, green is for the correct answer.
Clicking on the code we see what the question was and what the right answer is.
Clicking on the red dots shows us what mistakes the student made.