Lesson One


Welcome to our first practice in Swedish, Let’s start with the alphabet.  You could wonder why it is important – just think how many times you need to spell your name or ask someone to spell theirs. Or an email address. Or your home address. You will run into this many-many times, I am sure. So let’s get down to it!

You can find the practice exercises on this website (works best in Google Chrome): https://student.swency.com/
In the top right corner, change the language to Swedish (Svenska) – just to practise even more.

Ange koden  = type or copy in the code from the bottom of this page,
och ditt namn = type your name,
then click on the “Ladda uppgifter” button (Load the workbook) and
you have just arrived to the first task! You will get the results after you have completed the whole worksheet.

You can copy the codes quickly, if you click  in the number itself. Then you can paste it into the code field of the practice site.
Here come  the  code to each worksheet. Please, work through them in the order as they are listed below.
Are you ready to practise your new knowledge? We have prepared some interactive listening exercises for you. We have used the following words:

hjärta – heart, morot – carrot, citron – lemon, igelkott – hedgehog, björn – bear, orm – snake, ananas – pineapple, elefant – elephant, fisk – fish, groda – frog, lampa – lamp, tårta -cake, zebra – zebra, dator – computer, jordgubbe – strawberry, näsa – nose, ryggsäck – backpack, klocka – clock, äpple – apple, varg – wolf, paraply – umbrella, åsna – donkey, ugn – oven, svamp – mushroom, xylofon – xylophone, yxa – axe, glas – glass, fåtölj – armchair, lök – onion, nål – needle, ö – island, bröd – bread

First set of exercises
  1. Kod: 25897713 Lesson one 1.
  2. Kod: 69347184 Lesson one 2.
  3. Kod: 54252896 Lesson one 3.
  4. Kod: 27657861 Lesson one 4.
Let me share my favorite practice Youtube videos with you. They are much worth listening to: