Lesson Five


LUCIA DAG – 13 december

We celebrate St.Lucia on this day who was raised in a distinguished Sicilian family. The girl who became Christian vowed virginity to offer her life to Christ and she died as a martyr. Her name was associated with light (lux) regarding her exemplary virtue and sacrificed life. She is a loved saint in Germany, too. Up north, the Luca fiancée was named in 1780 first with wreath and candle. The custom was reborn in Sweden in connection with the jubilee of Alfred Nobel’s death. More precisely, the closing day of the Nobel ceremonies is the 13 th of December. In the morning on this day, girls wearing wreath with candles celebrate the new Nobel- prize winners.
Source: Wikipedia

When you learnt the phrases and sentences of this lesson, you will knoe the basic words for family and occupation.

Min man jobbar som snickare.

My husband works as a carpenter. Or: My husband is a carpenter. These two translations are interchangeable. From here on, we will only use one or the other, interchangeably.

Min morfar och mormor är pensionärer.

My mom’s mom and my mom’s dad are pensioners.

Jobbar din fru som säljare?

Does your wife work as a salesperson?

Hans pappa är brandman.

His dad is a firefighter.

Vår mamma är polis.

Our mom is a policewoman.

Deras bror jobbar som apotekare.

Their brother is a pharmacist.

Jobbar er syster som lärare?

Does your (more than one person) sister work as a teacher?

Mitt barnbarn är kock.

My grandchild is a cook.

Mina kusiner studerar på universitetet och högskolan.

My cousins study at university and college.

Mina vänner jobbar som florister.

My friends work as florists.

Min faster jobbar som bibliotekarie.

My aunt on my father’s side works as a librarian.

Min dotter jobbar som sjuksköterska.

My daughter works as a nurse.

Är din moster läkare?

Is your aunt on your mother’s side a doctor?

Hans kompis bor i England.

His buddy/friend lives in England.

Hennes kompisar bor i England.

Her friends live in England.

Vår son jobbar som frisör.

Our son works as a hairdresser.

Hon är en mycket bra chaufför.

She is a very good driver.

Sekreterare gör olika saker samtidigt.

A secretary does many things at the same time.

Han är en framgångsrik entreprenör.

He is a successful entrepreneur.

Han jobbar som målare.

He works as a painter. (not artist, but paints houses.)

Min gudmor är journalist.

My godmother is a journalist.

Min gudfar jobbar som författare.

My godfather works as a writer.

Vårt gudbarn är arkitekt.

Our godchild is an architect.

Han är en duktig projektledare.

He is a very good project manager.

Han jobbar som fastighetsmäklare.

He works as a real estate agent.

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First set of exercises
  1. Kod: 42978831 Lesson five / Quiz 1/A
  2. Kod: 57419755 Lesson five / Quiz 1/B
  3. Kod: 33995864 Lesson five / Test 1/A
  4. Kod: 37053719 Lesson five / Test 1/B
  5. Kod: 44207255 Lesson five from English to Swedish 1.
Second set of exercises
  1. Kod: 70259876 Lesson five / Quiz 2/A
  2. Kod: 52386034 Lesson five / Quiz 2/B
  3. Kod: 67518152 Lesson five / Test 2/A
  4. Kod: 69343764 Lesson five / Test 2/B
  5. Kod: 65250276 Lesson five from English to Swedish 2.
Third set of exercises
  1. Kod: 57782648 Lesson five / Quiz 3/A
  2. Kod: 67188389 Lesson five / Quiz 3/B
  3. Kod: 47695162 Lesson five / Test 3/A
  4. Kod: 69745299 Lesson five / Test 3/B
  5. Kod: 43146062 Lesson five from English to Swedish 3.
Fourth set of exercises
  1. Kod: 36309204 Lesson five / Quiz 4/A
  2. Kod: 64743200 Lesson five / Quiz 4/B
  3. Kod: 60285952 Lesson five / Test 4/A
  4. Kod: 48479602 Lesson five / Test 4/B
  5. Kod: 69306359 Lesson five from English to Swedish 4.


Have you finished? Congratulations! Well done!

You have done a lot this week for improving your Swedish! 

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