Second lesson

Fika is a concept in Swedish culture with the basic meaning “to have coffee”, often accompanied with pastries, cookies or pie. A more contemporary generalised meaning of the word, where the coffee may be replaced by tea or even juice, lemonade or saft for children, has become widespread. In some social circles, even just a sandwich or a small meal may be denoted a fika similar to the English concept of afternoon tea. In Sweden pastries in general (for example cinnamon buns) are often referred to as fikabröd (“fika bread”).

The Swedish tradition is spreading through Swedish businesses around the world.

Source: Wikipedia

Second lesson

In our second lesson, you are going to learn those useful words and expressions which are essential in your everday life regarding learning a foreign language.

Vad heter du? / What is your name?
Jag heter Eva. / My name is Eva.

Hej! / Hi! 
Hej då! / Goodbye!

Vad betyder ordet adjö? / What does adjö mean?
Det betyder hej då. / It means hej då.
Det vet jag inte. / I don’t know this.
Jag vet inte. / I don’t know.
Jag har glömt det. / I have forgotten that.
Det har jag glömt. / I forgot it.
Jag minns inte. / I don’t remember.
Jag kommer inte ihåg. / I can’t recall it.
Det har jag ingen aning om. / I have no clue.

Vad heter girl på svenska? eller (or)
Hur säger man girl på svenska?/ How do you say girl in swedish?
Det heter flicka. eller (or) Man säger flicka. / It’s called flicka.

Förstår du? / Do you understand?
Ja, jag förstår. / Yes, I understand. (Yes, I do)
Nej, jag förstår inte. / No, I don’t understand it.
Jag fattar. / I got it.
Nej, jag fattar inte. / I didn’t get it.
Förlåt, vad sa du? / Sorry, what did you say?
Kan du repetera? / Can you repeat it?
Kan du tala lite långsammare? / Can you talk a little bit slower?
Säg det en gång till! / Please say it again!
Kom ihåg! / Remember it!

Vad menar du? / What do you mean?
Förstår du vad jag menar? / Do you know what I mean?
Vad är motsatsen till vit? / What is the opposite of white?
Svart är motsatsen till vit. / Black is the opposite of white.
Är du säker på det? / Are you sure about that?

“If you want to speak a language fluently, you have to think in that language.”

Can we start to practice?

You have to work on the following site: Swency for students Please use Google Chrome browser! Thank you!

On the top, at the right-hand corner, change language to Swedish – just to practice the language.
Ange koden  = add the code, ditt namn = and your name then click on the “Ladda uppgifter” button (Worksheet Loading) and now you have already started practicing.

A practical advice: To copy the codes quickly, click here in to the numerical sequence and copy the code to the code field of the practice site.

You can see the worksheets here with their codes. Please solve them in the order how you can see the exercises down here.

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