Third lesson

Hepatica Nobilis (blåsippa) is a very popular flower in Sweden. You can find them
in March and April in the deep deciduous forests. Its white relative can be heard as
vitsippa from the Swedish people. It is a protected plan.

Third lesson

Now you will learn those practical words and expressions which you will use a lot in meeting with someone.

Vad heter hon? / What is her name?
Hon heter Karolina. / Her name is Karolina.
Vad heter han? / What is his name?
Han heter Franz. / His name is Franz.

Vad är ditt efternamn? / What is your surname/family name?
Vad är ditt förnamn? / What is your first name?
Var bor du? / Where do you live?
Jag bor i Göteborg. / I live in Gothenborg.
Hur gammal är du? / How old are you?
Jag är 39 (trettionio) år. / I am 39 years old.

Vem är det? / Who is this? This is asked if someone rings the bell at the door and it is unknown if that person is a male or female. But if you see him or her, you now its gender, you can say hon or han.
Det är Eva. / This is Eva.

Varifrån kommer Károly? / Where is Karoly from?
Från Ungern. / He comes from Hungary.

Vad arbetar du med? / What is your job?
Jag arbetar som lärare. / I work as a teacher

Vad har du för yrke? / What is your profession?
Jag arbetar på sjukhuset som läkare. / I work as a
doctor in a hospital.
Vad har du för bil? / What kind of car have you got?
Jag har en Audi. / I have an Audi.
När börjar filmen? / When does the movie start?
Klockan två. / At 2pm.
Hur är det? / What’s up?
Det är bra. / Everything is fine.
Hur är det i skolan? / How are you doing at school?
Bra. / It´s fine.


Vad gör du? / What are you doing?
Jag tittar på TV. / I am watching TV.
När slutar hon skolan? / When does she finish school?
Klockan 14.00. / At 2pm.

Var ligger Västerås? / Where is Västerås?
9 mil från Stockholm. / It is 9 mil from Stockholm

Vad talar du för språk? / What language do you speak?
Engelska. /English.

JAG – I, DU – YOU,

Can we start to practice?

You have to work on the following site: Swency for students
Please use Google Chrome browser! Thank you!
On the top, at the right-hand corner, change language to Swedish – just to practice the language.
Ange koden  = add the code, ditt namn = and your name then click on the “Ladda uppgifter” button (Worksheet Loading) and now you have already started practicing.
A practical advice: To copy the codes quickly, click here in to the numerical sequence and copy the code to the code field of the practice site (do not type them number by number because you can have a typo).

You can see the worksheets here with their codes. Please solve them in the order how you can see them here.

  1. Kod: 53888046 Third lesson / Quiz 1.
  2. Kod: 49884412 Third lesson / Quiz 2.
  3. Kod: 70229054 Third lesson / Quiz 3.
  4. Kod: 49843400 Third lesson / Test 1.
  5. Kod: 55630333 Third lesson / Test 2.
  6. Kod:51667498 Third lesson / Test 3.
  7. Kod: 35878688 Third lesson from English to Swedish 1.
  8. Kod: 71137082 Third lesson from English to Swedish 2.
  9. Kod: 36098908 Third lesson from English to Swedish 3.

Have you finished? Congratulation, you are great! This week you have also done a lot to be better in Swedish.

Listen to some contemporary Swedish music.

Darin Tvillingen
Tvilingen: The twins

“If you want to speak a language fluently, you have to think in that language.”